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Musings from Students of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem

The Patriarch’s Plea, or: Abraham’s Moment of Doubt and Pain

Posted on November 11, 2013 by Benjamin Friedman

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Performed on the Negev tiyul
during the Talent Show:

1150420_10100858425824567_558584825_nI sat in fire with my faith
I smashed the idols of my race
I left the land of father’s rules
To wander far and play the fool
Against great doubts I had to fight
All to be keep your vision bright
To keep you fixed within my sight
For that is what…I knew was right.

For long ago you promised me:

“As grains of sand do edge the sea
So numerous will your fruit be
As stars above do light the sky
Your seed shall spread and multiply”

So now I beg for what is mine
That my seed find way in time
To promised land that is my line
That blessed gift, that palace fine
Where my descendants all
May heed your call
Oh pluck this vision out my soul
And give it roots and branches tall
For though it’s late–

My hope glows still
Oh, may this vision be your will
Of these, my children, yet unfurled
Good each son and strong each girl
Together in–

A peaceful world.
Where all share good, in brotherhood
Let cooperation be their food
In this future state in a future when
Let none there hate
As they are kin.

Oh, from my loins,
Let pour these throngs
Who all know you,
With different songs
And let them learn
From one another
And forget no, never–

That they be brothers.

For now though Lord, I’ll wait
And pray
And your will, I’ll still,
Of course, obey
Yes I’ll but await that time
You bless me with that special sign
Through cherished wife or concubine

Even if it takes until–